McAfee Secure CERTIFICATION 17-OCT-2008

We guarantee safe and secure shopping experience at International Drug Mart. You can purchase with confidence with out the fear of any credit card frauds, identity thefts and other online scams since InternationalDrugMart has McAfee Secure certification.

McAfee SECURE tests Web sites daily for vulnerabilities and fixes as and when detected. It also scans for dangerous content and links that expose consumer’s computer and personal information to malicious use. It also protects businesses and consumers from hackers, adware, spyware, browser exploits, spammers, phishing attacks and online scams.

Daily websites site’s Internet services, shopping carts, ports, operating systems, servers, key applications, firewalls, switches, load balancers, and routers for all known vulnerabilities and providing safer online experience for surfers, searchers and shoppers.


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  1. Cali

    Your article helped me a lot – cheers from Cali!…

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